Hi! If you’ve reached this page that must mean you have some interest in being a co-founder in a new venture. Great. This page was created so I wouldn’t have to update different sites, emails, messages, etc. with the same info.

First, a little about me: I’m the founder and Managing Partner of Vayam. We have been in the Talent Management Professional Services business for more than 6 years. We have quite a client list of large cap companies and a growing list of partnerships. This year we are also branching out to ERP services as well. While I’m on the subject – we are always interested in business/functional consultants with experience in Talent Management, CRM/Sales Management, Inventory Control & Retail applications. If you, or someone you know, is interested send an email to

Back to the “startup”. To be totally upfront, what I have in mind is in the beginning phase. I wouldn’t expect to have a prototype for the next several months. The impetus is a desire to build and own our own application versus selling professional services for 3rd party applications as we do today. The “startup” could be related to Vayam’s services, but I envision it as a total separate entity.

I’m open to co-founders with a variety of skills, but ideally I would need someone that compliments my skill set. The ideal Co-Founder would be:

  • Someone with deep marketing or sales experience
  • Someone with time to personally devote to the startup
  • Someone who’s enthusiastic about using automation and analytics to improve business processes

  • The ideal co-founder might also have funds to invest, in conjunction with my own seed money of course. This might allow us to bootstrap the business or at least fund early prototype development. I could envision going through an accelerator program, but it’s best to leave all the details open to discussion.

    If you’re interested, please send your LinkedIn profile or bio, and an explanation of your interests in this area to the email below. Once we have an NDA signed we can explore this more openly.


    Dan Schreck
    Managing Partner