People analytics & Business Intelligence Services

Build vs buy? How about both!

Our BI platform offers pre-built dashboards, reports, and analytics for quick start-up, while offering easy customization, AI/ML-capability, and robust security. Easily analyze data from multiple sources with our extensible data model. And our consulting services are tailored to your company’s exact needs – for a solution which is more flexible than competitors and has better ROI than building from scratch! 

People Analytics & BI Platform

From exploratory to predictive insight:

  • Pre-built dashboard with standard metrics
  • Self-service reporting and EASY CUSTOMIZATION
  • Beautiful data storytelling features
  • AI/ML-ready for prediction, classification, and more!
  • Integrated Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with Microsoft Power Automate
  • Integrated low-code app feature with Microsoft Power Apps
  • Analyze HCM, Finance, CRM and more
  • Cost competitive, mobile-ready, & future-proof

Actionable Insight Metrics (AIM)

AIM takes data-driven decision-making one step further by offering custom analysis with the ability to record decisions down to the employee level. Now that’s data-driven decision making!

Working on top of the same data model as our People Analytics & BI Dashboards, AIM allows for any type of workforce analysis and use case:

  • Skill gap analysis
  • Strategic Workforce Planning
  • Performance Calibration Sessions
  • Determine performance improvement population
  • Hiring, promotion, termination decisions
  • Star or key employee decisions
  • Compensation planning
  • Succession readiness and planning
  • Deep-dive, AI-powered analysis and storytelling
  • virtually ANY data-driven decisions about your workforce!

Custom services

Working hand-in-hand with your team our engagement process allows you to make better people decisions with a roadmap to…

  • Achieve “Quick Wins” – often within 30 days
  • Discover strategic drivers and key metrics
  • Arm employees with self-service analytics & reports
  • Enable data exploration, AI/ML and predictive analytics
  • Deliver lasting business value & increased ROI

What Makes Us Experts?

In our humble opinion:

  • We’ve developed thousands of analytics for hundreds of the top companies in the world
  • Deep understanding of the intersection of HR & technology
  • Professionals with decades of HR, Data Science & Software Development experience

Our Portfolio & Partners

Data Services

Garbage in, garbage out, right?

Great BI & Analytics start with great data practices. It eliminates ‘data chaos’, allows users to discover data easily, enables real-time reporting, and provides the foundation for beautiful, easy analysis and reporting.

Data Engineering & data management

Full-service Data Engineering & Management services:

  • Complex integration needs for business apps like: Workday, Oracle, SAP, Ceridian, UKG, ADP, LTG, Salesforce
  • Cloud data warehouses & data pipelines
  • Data warehouse & data lake design
  • Integration, ETL & ELT development
  • Data quality & cleanup services
  • Data catalog & governance

Training & Support

Analytics & BI Training

Need to upskill or reskill your team? We can help with courses in:

  • Data Management 
  • Analytics Development & Visualization
  • End-to-end Analytics & BI Strategy
Let us know how we can help!


No “one size fits all” here! Our process begins and ends with supporting your individual needs with flexible support plans. 

Choose from pay-as-you-go support to low-price monthly or even custom plans. And support is complementary with many of our services and solutions!