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Demo Data

Our demo includes a limited amount of mock data from 2017-2020. Most pages work best keeping the date filter as wide as possible. Want more? Download the “lite” version and hook up your own data!

HCM & People Analytics -
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Our latest production version with mock data. Enter your email to unlock. Great for demo’ing on PCs, but for mobile we suggest downloading our “Lite” version below or contact us.

HCM & People Analytics

free "Lite" Version -
Use your own data

Use the “Try it Now” option above for our latest version or use your own data with our free “lite” version based on Microsoft Power BI. Power BI and our lite version are both free. Get started by downloading the instructions.

Let us Demo and Learn More about Your Needs

Contact us for a demo or discussion of your particular needs and questions.

Actionable Insight Metrics (AIM)

AIM takes data-driven decision-making one step further by offering custom analysis with the ability to record decisions down to the employee level. Now that’s data-driven decision making!

Working on top of the same data model as our HCM Dashboards, AIM allows for any type of workforce analysis and use case:

  • Skill gap analysis
  • Strategic Workforce Planning
  • Performance Calibration Sessions
  • Determine performance improvement population
  • Hiring, promotion, termination decisions
  • Star or key employee decisions
  • Compensation planning
  • Succession readiness and planning
  • Deep-dive, AI-powered analysis and storytelling
  • virtually¬†ANY data-driven decisions about your workforce!